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Stay at Home with Wisconsin's Own

Beginning Thursday, April 2, we premiered one Wisconsin’s Own short film per day via the Wisconsin Film Festival YouTube channel. Each short was available for one 24-hour period starting at noon.

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin logoIn the wake of the 2020 Festival’s cancellation, the Festival is grateful for the support of Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin as well as our Wisconsin’s Own filmmakers in partnering with the Festival to bring you these Festival selections free-of-charge.

Each daily stream started with a selection from the I’m a Wisconsin Farmer documentary series. The Festival is honored to help celebrate our hardworking dairy farmers who are still working to provide milk and other dairy products to our communities during this challenging time.

Book cover for The Solitary Badger and the Warmth of the Festival. A Wisconsin Film Festival Tale.The 2020 Wisconsin Film Festival Trailer followed each short documentary. Inspired by the 2020 Wisconsin Film Festival graphic identity, our trailer tells the story of a solitary badger, forced out of their winter hibernation, making their way to the warmth (and comforting darkness) of the Festival.

Shorts included narratives, documentaries, and experimental works.

We hope you enjoyed this opportunity to see an extraordinary collection of shorts that were slated to premiere at this year’s Festival.

Stay at Home with Wisconsin’s Own collection:

  • Neptune | Jackson Eagan
  • Garden City Beautiful | Ben Balcom
  • Chet Speedstar | Miles Kietzer
  • The Farm | Riley Sweeney Lynch
  • Dad’s Apple | Emir Cakaroz
  • Spilt Milk | Ben Sargent
  • Mirage | Jack Cronin
  • Avelina | Reanna Madson
  • Place of the Pike: Ginoozhekaaning | Finn Ryan
  • Fort Irwin | Quinn Else
  • Hunting Arrowheads with My Father | Jeri Griffith
  • Dormball | Joe Schwaba
  • Bitter with a Shy Taste of Sweetness | Saif Alsaegh
  • May Divorce Be With You | Irene Lagendijk
  • Cuentos Para Niños #2 | Michelle Trujillo
  • I’m fine | Chase Millam
  • Salvation | Anders Nienstaedt
  • Staring at Socks | Claire Read
  • Dear Esther | Nora Stone
  • Catholic Boy | James Runde
  • Basic Economy | Casey Long
  • Let Your Sisters Be | Aileen O’Sullivan
  • Closed Circuit | Lauren Morrison

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Big Streams, Little Folks Collection

Short & Sweet Program One

  • The Kite | Martin Smatana
  • The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd | Crestwood Elementary 4th Graders (2018-19)

Shorter & Sweeter Program One

  • Tough Teeth | Brianna Kastner
  • Preschool Poets: Supergirl | Nancy Kangas, Josh Kun
  • My Brother Luca/Mi Hermano Luca | Carlos Algara, Catalina Serna

Short & Sweet Program Two

  • Preschool Poets: Bullets | Nancy Kangas, Josh Kun
  • My Life in Versailles | Clemence Madeleine-Perdillant, Nathaniel H’limi

Shorter & Sweeter Program Two

  • 6:1 | Sergei Ryabov
  • Archie | Ainslie Henderson
  • Preschool Poets: Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Crumpy and Mr. Bumpy | Nancy Kangas, Josh Kun
  • Angel’s Trumpet | Martinus Klemet

Short & Sweet Program Three

  • Uncle Thomas: Accounting for the Days | Regina Pessoa

Shorter & Sweeter Program Three

  • Slurp | Florent Hill

Short & Sweet Program Four

  • Chuskit | Priya Ramasubban

Shorter & Sweeter Program Four

  • The Fox & the Pigeon | Michelle Chua and 9 others

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Available Now!

Thanks to our distribution partners, we are able to offer you select 2020 Wisconsin Film Festival selections on demand! Each film costs $12 to rent for a given period through Thursday, May 7. Fifty percent of proceeds will go directly to the Real Butter Fund.

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